Monday, August 8, 2011


So I was leaving work tonight and decided to put in an Anberlin cd since it was something I haven't listen to in a while. It reminded me of an ex girlfriend. I'm not sure why it brought back memories of her, and I really don't understand after all that happened with her, and all the things I learned about who she really is, is the fact nearly 4 years later I still have positive feelings about her. I should have never cared for her and I should have known better then to get involved yet to this day I can't help to be baffled and in awe of who she is or was.

It got me thinking of people from the past mostly. There are so many that I don't talk to anymore and people that I was so close to but no longer talk to. Bridget, Jordan, Dan, Mike, and others. When I look at who do I really miss, who would I love to talk to. It is none of those people though.

It's weird when I look back and see how many people meant nothing, mean nothing now or have broken my trust to the point of never talking to them again. But the person I miss most is Brittni. She wasn't my best friend, and hell I bet she hasn't thought of me since the last time we talked which was years ago. But she was a good person, sincere, kind and legit. I really lack one of those friends now a days. Expect kelly of course. LOVE YOU KELLLY.

I stopped at sheets for food on the way home and happened to see two people there that I haven't seen in years there as well. It was really ironic considering I was thinking about people of my past and happening to see people there.

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